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  • TTG Travel Experience and INOUT|THE CONTRACT COMMUNITY from 9th to 11th October at Rimini Expo Centre
  • TTG´s internationalisation process continues: world tourism sells in Rimini
  • Focus on nautical tourism, a fast-growing trend
  • Second edition for Luxury Event by TTG specifically aimed at high-end tourism: participants double
  • InOut, dedicated to supplies and contract, expands the swimming pool and wellness area and launches the art/hospitality combination
Rimini, 11th April 2024 . The numbers speak for themselves: +19% attendance compared to the previous edition, 26 halls, 20 Italian regions, 55 foreign destinations and 2,700 brands in three days of business, meetings and seminars with over 200 events organised and more than 250 speakers*.
TTG Travel Experience and INOUT| THE CONTRACT COMMUNITY, organised by Italian Exhibition Group (IEG) and scheduled to take place from 9th to 11th October 2024 at Rimini Expo Centre, will restart from this extraordinary result in 2023.
TTG, a show that the figures themselves consecrate as the Italian reference event for promoting world tourism, is preparing for its new edition with an even richer offer of business opportunities, events and information. The aim: to intercept new tourism trends, discover new formats within the sector and provide professionals with tools and ideas to broaden their target audience.

The new features of the event include an exhibition focus on nautical tourism that completes TTG´s exhibition offer on active and open-air tourism. Nautical tourism is in constant growth. In 2023, bookings were up 130% compared to 2022, while Italians´ average expenditure in the sector was up 53%, making boating an indispensable resource for the national tourism economy. The categories involved will range from boat charters to cruises, marinas, coastal parks and reserves, and also include skippers, courses for pleasure boats, diving, boat trips and trade associations.

In 2023, the event expanded the markets covered for the first time since most of TTG´s contingent of foreign buyers specialises not only in the Italian product, but also in the tourist destinations of neighbouring areas. Last year, therefore, while maintaining the sales leadership for domestic locations, TTG launched TTG MED, opening up to the contracting destinations in the Mediterranean basin with business meetings designed to favour the encounter between the demand of buyers worldwide and the offer of sellers from the entire Mediterranean area, in addition to Italy.
The intention for 2024 is to broaden the list of countries involved while still remaining within the pure b2b sphere, but intensifying the opportunities for foreign-to-foreign matching. The vision is to become the global marketplace of tourism.

Building on the success of last year´s Luxury Event by TTG, the business event specifically for luxury travel, held on the day before the main exhibition opens, will double up. The B2B workshop, held in Rimini on 8th October, will maintain the 2023 formula with its one-to-one meetings, but the number of buyers and sellers will double. A development dictated by the continuous growth of the high-end sector. In the current year, Italy is the most popular destination for international luxury tourism which generates 15% of the total turnover of our country´s hotel industry and 25% of total tourism expenditure. The TTG event will see the big players in high-end tourism, from historic residences and prestigious villas to five-star hotels, boutique hotels and spa resorts, luxury cruises and trains, and even Luxury Shopping Malls, all involved.

InOut, IEG´s format that specialises in supplies and contract for the hospitality industry in Italy, will be back in 2024 to complete the tourism and hospitality marketplace. Materials and surfaces, hotel room and glamping facility designs, swimming pools and beach resort furnishings, through to the outdoors and green spaces will be the leading sectors. Here the best companies will present their latest innovations to give designers and architects suggestions for new structural, furnishing and design solutions for the hospitality industry.
Protagonists in 2024 will include Poolwide The Water Experience area, which will host the entire pool & wellness industry supply chain from production to distribution. New entries will feature the Sport & Food area, which will gather together companies and brands from two sectors that often go hand in hand in customers´ travel choices. Two related segments, especially for the digital nomad population that pays close attention to the health aspect of their travel experience. Characterising this edition will be the art and hospitality combination, interpreted both in terms of content - with an artistic installation of considerable scenic impact that will involve the pools in Rimini Expo Centre - and as an interesting trend. In the wake of a strong increase in demand from hotels, new exhibitors will include consulting companies that will offer hotel entrepreneurs customised services for upgrading their facilities in an artistic key.

*Numbers refer to the entire TTG Travel Experience and INOUT 2023 marketplace

Event: international trade show; organiser: Italian Exhibition Group SpA; frequency: annual; edition: 61st; entry: trade only; website: - #ttgexpo

Event: international trade show; organiser: Italian Exhibition Group SpA; frequency: annual; edition: 2nd edition of INOUT which groups together SIA, SUN, SUPERFACES, GREENSCAPE; entry: trade only; website: #inoutexpo

Elisabetta Vitali, head of corporate communication & media relation; Marco Forcellini, Pier Francesco Bellini, press office manager

This press release contains forecast elements and estimates that reflect the management´s current opinions (´forward-looking statements´), particularly regarding future management performance, realization of investments, cash flow trends and the evolution of the financial structure. For their very nature, forward-looking statements have a component of risk and uncertainty, as they depend on the occurrence of future events. The effective results may differ (even significantly) from those announced, due to numerous factors, including, only by way of example: food service market and tourist flow trends in Italy, gold and jewellery market trends, green economy market trends; the evolution of raw material prices; general macroeconomic conditions; geopolitical factors and evolutions in the legislative framework. Moreover, the information contained in this release does not claim to be complete, and has not been verified by independent third parties. Forecasts, estimates and objectives contained herein are based on the information available to the Company as at the date of this release.

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